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EVangelise '22 Winners

Of the nearly 1160 applications and several stages of filtering, we are so delighted to announce the winners of the second edition of the Electric Vehicle Innovation Challenge: EVangelise '22! Awarded with a cash prize of INR 10 lakh, 7.5 lakh and 5 lakh for the top 3 winners, and a 3 lakh consolation prize for three teams in each category. 

TRL < 4 Category

Cancrie 001.jpg


Cancrie Pvt. Ltd.

Special high-density supercapacitors and hybrid capacitors enhance power delivery and enable low-cost energy storage systems for electric mobility.


Vijigi Energy Pvt. Ltd. 

Easy to use, integrated electric vehicle simulation platform, to rapidly design and virtually test a complete electric vehicle and all its subcomponents.

Vijigi 001.jpg
Intakt EV 001.jpg


Intakt EV Hybrids Pvt Ltd

Unique design BLDC hub motors which can get easily retrofitted onto IC 4 wheelers by mounting on the wheels, to enable electric hybrids.

Consolation Prizes

Friction Drive

Special electric retrofit kit which can be installed on the rear wheel of standard cycles, for a rapid conversion to electric.

Udayan 001.jpg

Udayan Ecotech Pvt. Ltd.

Central vehicle control unit for unified data acquisition and decision-making for a high-efficiency vehicle, along with a vehicle-level Operating System.

Navstream 001.jpg

Navstream Innovations LLP

Smart Battery Management system to enable safety, efficient and optimised working of the complete battery pack.

TRL > 4 Category


Gyrodrive Machineries Pvt. Ltd.

Special magnet-free motors, switched reluctance motors, with completely locally sourced components and no dependency on imported magnets.

Gyrodrive 001.jpg
Celectric 001.jpg


C Electric Automotive Drives Pvt. Ltd.

Design and development of BLDC, PMSM and IPM motor controller for light electric vehicle.


FASMHO Energy Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Intelligent Battery Management and Control to ensure safety and maximum data extraction from a Battery pack.

FASMHO 001.jpg

Consolation Prizes

Naxatra Labs 001.jpg

Naxatra Labs Pvt. Ltd.

Special configuration high-density and efficient axial flux motors for electric mobility and consumer appliances applications.

Motorama 001.jpg


Low-cost BLDC rear hub motors without using rare earth-based magnets, which eliminates dependence on imported magnets.

Adiabatic 001.jpg

Adiabatic Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Smart Battery Management system to enable safety, efficient and optimised working of the complete battery pack.

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