Our goal is to achieve a 25% energy efficiency over current EV configurations

With the government’s push towards EVs, more companies are taking up tasks associated with the move. Be it from helping create policies, build the needed EV infrastructure, or support making components, everybody’s pushing towards this cause. One such company is iCreate, which is working towards the creation of Indian subcomponents for electric vehicles to increase efficiency as well as reduce costs.

iCreate is working on an in-house EV Centre of Excellence to deliver at least a 25% increase in efficiency in EV two-wheelers and three-wheelers and create a technology package to help manufacturers gain the lead. To understand how the business works, Express Mobility speaks to Anupam Jalote, the CEO of iCreate.

Can you give me an overview of iCreate and what the incubator does?

iCreate is an autonomous super specialty institute dedicated to converting technology innovations into successful enterprises. The facility was formed under the leadership of our honourable Prime Minister with a vision of promoting the growth of entrepreneurial capital through innovations and technology.