1st Prize: Rs 1,00,000/

2nd Prize: Rs 75,000/-

3rd Prize: Rs 50,000/-

What is iCreate EV Hackathon?

It is your ticket to the super exciting electric vehicle revolution that is changing the way the world travels. A 36-hour-long virtual event meant for innovators like you to bring their ideas to life, and encourage them to become a catalyst in accelerating the EV movement in India.

Dates & Time

9-10 October 2021

Duration: 36 hours

START: Saturday, 9 October at 9 am
END: Sunday, 10 October at 9 pm
Results will be declared a week later



Your concept EV can have any number of wheels and could serve any community, purpose or function. There are no limitations on the kind on concept you come up with.


Design a solution to increase the efficiency of an EV using any sciencebased approach. You need to make assumptions about the powertrain and drivetrain specifications, and your approach could be built around mechanical, electrical, software/ algorithm, or any other aspect


College students, Independent innovators & researchers, Startups, EV enthusiasts, Automobile hobbyists, Makers & the Do-It-Yourself community – from anywhere in the world.


The Hackathon will be executed over 36 hours, in virtual mode, and will consist of 3 slots:

  • IDEATION: The first slot of 6 hours would be for conceptualising the idea, explaining it in layman’s terms, and stating the scientific theory underlying the idea
  • CONCEPT DESIGN: The second slot of 6 hours would be for developing a block diagram or a flow chart or a CAD design of the idea with continuous technical refinements
  • DESIGN SIMULATION: Finally, 2 slots of 6 hours each would be for proving correctness of the circuit, developing the CAD design, generating data results via simulation, or calculations related to the idea


  • Clarity of idea and underlying scientific concepts - 25%
  • Strength of the block diagram, CADD drawing, and data validation - 25%
  • Working efficiency of simulation, circuit design, and solution-market fit - 25%
  • Novelty or innovation - 25%


  • Platform: Discord
  • Registration platform: Website + iCreate's Accelerator app
  • Application submission: iCreate's Accelerator app


  • 9 am: LET'S GET GOING… Welcome address by CEO, iCreate
  • 9.30 am: Introduction to iCreate, Rules and guidelines of Hackathon
  • 10 am: Team building and understanding problem statements
  • 12 pm: Teams to select and submit final problem statements (ideas)
  • 3 pm: Session on 'Understanding Innovation in the Electric Vehicle Segment'
  • 4 pm: Mentoring 1 begins
  • 8 pm: Mentoring 1 ends
  • 11.30 pm: Games/ Activities
  • 4 am: WHAT’S UP FOLKS…
  • 8 am: Progress update by iCreate team
  • 9 am: Mentoring 2 begins
  • 1 pm: Mentoring 2 ends
  • 4 pm: How to submit the entry presentation and what it should include
  • 8 pm: Final submission of the entry
  • 8.30 pm: Closing note by CEO, iCreate


  • 1st Prize: Rs 1,00,000/
  • 2nd Prize: Rs 75,000/-
  • 3rd Prize: Rs 50,000/-


iCreate's EV Innovation Challenge that brings together innovators, industry, institutions, investors, and the government. It covers the complete innovation journey for 2 & 3 wheeler EVs, across Idea, Design and Build stages. Participants in EVangelise can electrify their future with prizes and support that include total cash prizes of Rs 88.5 lakh, incubation support of Rs 50 lakh for each of the top 3 winners, and a Grand Finale at the Statue of Unity comprising a Pitch, an Expo and an EV Race

This EV Hackathon is brought to you by iCreate, India's leading incubator of innovation-based startups:

  • iCreate has been transforming startups based on tech innovation into successful businesses
  • Supported by the Govt of Gujarat and the Govt of India
  • 40-acre campus in Ahmedabad, equipped with design & simulation labs, rapid prototyping facilities
  • Supported over 389 innovations and 30 patents, connecting them with mentors, markets and money
  • Track-record of supporting multiple projects in the EV space – from batteries and battery management systems, to charging systems, energy recovery systems, hybrid energy storage systems, autonomous driving assisting systems, and smart functionality systems

36 intense hours that can make you an EV revolutionary!

There is an exponential growth in Electric Vehicles (EVs) across the world. With the power of breakthrough ideas, innovators can empower EV manufacturers by increasing efficiency and reducing costs. And they can catch the imagination of EV consumers by addressing their range anxiety and performance concerns. As India's leading startup incubator, at iCreate, we are looking to identify exciting innovations and passionate innovators in the EV space.